Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm done!!!

Whoo hoo! Gina is a happy girl!!

I finished the unicorn painting yesterday! I like the way it came out...I would do a few things differently next time, but it's not bad. BUT, my research paper isn't quite done =( My computer crashed on Monday/ I can't download the pictures I took of the process...which I guess I can add as an appendix at a later date (this is the route I'm going to go with), so I'm just a little peeved that it won't be 100% complete for Saturday!

On the other hand, I finished the 2 scrolls for Saturday too =) I'm feeling very accomplished!

Now I just have homework to work on Friday/Saturday b/c I have to type it all in and submit it on Monday!

Oh...I just mailed in the $ for the dinner for my 10 year high school reunion! I can't believe that it's been 10 years!!! I'm looking forward to it...see where people are at, etc. I had a great time in HS.

ok...I'm a happy girl...alot of work done, some more to come, but I've got a couple of days. Today is my Friday as I have off tomorrow because I am working at CTRF on Friday, Saturday and Sunday...Friday is kid's that should be fun =)

AND...I've got another hot date tonight! I'm looking forward to that! I've been talking to him all's really nice...hmm...

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Animal lovers, I need your Support!

Hi all,

My friend Russ asked me to vote for Alison Gianotto here.

Her website is here. (I also added this to my "cool links" section)

It's for a good cause...



Oh crap!

My laptop died =( well...we'll see...I'm bringing it with me to CT this weekend and hopefully Russ can look at it and fix it. It's 3-4 years old, but it's in good working order and it has everything I need...P4, 1 gig ram, 40 gig HD, burner, wireless, etc. But it's so funny this should happen, just when I was looking at new computers last week!

Anyway, things are good. I decided to drop one of my classes, so that I have more time to deal with the other 2 (which have lots of homework) and work and ren faire and SCA and new man *g*.

Things are going well...we talk all the time, which I love...CHEESE GRIN!

Happy hump day!

Monday, September 25, 2006

NYRF is over! (plus excerpts from the "Hot Date")

So I am one show down, one to go for my season...and weekends back to myself. I had an ok run...the weather did not help us at all. This weekend, closing weekend, because it was a little disappointing as it was the lowest attended one that I've probably ever experienced. All in all I had a good was great seeing everyone...Maria, Abby, Crowe, Suzie =) and the hairbraiders...and of course RHONNI and PHIL...they ROCK btw =)

I am ssssssoooooooooooooooooooo tired! I went out on Friday on my hot date *g*...

On Friday, I went to White Plains to meet up with Manu. When we met, we hugged...and we walked over to this Italian place (begins with a Z...from the same owners as Applebee's) - their calamari was pretty good...and we sat, chatted and had a couple of beers. It was a nice little used to be a you can sit in the was cool.

Then, we walked over to the Bengal Tiger. They had yummy Indian food...and we ate so much so that I had to take away my rice pudding (yummy!).

Throughout the night, we are having great conversation...and talking and laughing about all sorts of things. I like that I'm laughing alot...I think I need it...and great conversation is the basis for a strong relationship =)

Then we went to this little was nice to sit down on a couch...with our feel up...and the cuddling begins *g*

Let's just say I had a really nice time...and I think he had a nice time one of his questions was "When am I going to see you again?" that's when I made plans for Saturday night *g*

Saturday at faire was long and tiring...very slow in the morning...(and I had to contend with lots of drama at the tassel tress chicks...they wore me out!) so I met up with him again in White Plains...can I tell ya that I got totally LOST! I'm such a ditz...I always map stuff out and keep a map in my car...I live in Westchester for goodness sakes and I don't have a Westchester map (I'm gonna take the one from my work car) and look at it! I made the wrong turn...then made another wrong turn...and instead of driving in a heavily populated area with shopping malls...I'm in the middle of the street lights...on Bryant Road?!? What the f*ck! I have no idea what I call...prob sound like an idiot! And I finally stop at a gas station (my tank was on E) and ask the guy for directions (I wasn't that far off - 'cause I drove for about 10 min circling the city)...but I finally made it =) Anyway...I picked Manu up and we went to a different Indian resturant in Elmsford (I wanted Indian again 'cause I never get it...especially since I left Manhattan) and boy was it good! The food was SO GOOD! The dessert was better at the Bengal Tiger and the food was better at this place (I can't remember the name)...

Anyway...another good time...I wish I wasn't so tired...but thank goodness I only have 3 more weekends to go!!!

On another good note, I spoke with Russ and Scott and apparently CTRF had a HUGE gate opening day in the RAIN! Russ said there was a TON of people looking for Henna! I can't wait...'cause I'm hoping this season will be good (since I got rained out of 2-3 weekends of CTRF last year!)

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Friday!!!

And it's a gorgeous day!!! The sun is shining, blue skies...AND it's suppose to be a beautiful weekend! I love the Fall! It's my favorite time of the to Winter, which is SNOWBOARDING season! I'm in such a good mood this morning...

I went to bed early, so that could be part of it...but I woke up promptly at 5am and picked up my co-worker, who needed a ride in today. But despite all that...the day is looking good =)

My list is ever growing, but I was happy to cross a few things off the list this week. That's always a great feeling! to work...I've got a busy day ahead of me...and a DATE *g*

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Th th thursday!!!

I must say...I'm having a great week! I bit hectic...very busy...but really good =) I was up in Ithaca, NY yesterday for the Cornell University Career Fair. I was recruiting for my company (engineers, business and IT) and it was a very nice trip.

I was stressed b/c I had a lot of homework to do...Discrete Event Simulation HW due Wednesday at noon and Communications research HW due Wed (but I got an extension to this morning). So I was up until 3am on Wednesday morning doing homework...and I submitted it uncomplete. I am just not getting this modelling stuff! I am thinking that I might drop it...I have until September 28 to determine that...

Anyway...things are good...I've been talking on the phone, text messaging and emailing with this guy that I met off MySpace...everyday! It's really nice and I am really enjoying the time that we spent talking! I am suppose to run up to carmel tomorrow to drop off all the CTRF stuff to I am planning on meeting him for dinner tomorrow =)

ooh...and my friend Shannon wrote a comic book! Here is her first review!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


With the scroll! I just got back from the post office...the butterfies in my stomach have now dissapated! I just have to do my homework =(

Ah well...I'll have the time later...I'm off to Ithaca for a Career Fair tomorrow at Cornell. I'm optimistic and I'm feeling good.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Monday, September 18, 2006

So cool!!!!

How freaking cool is this?!?

It's on my links now!

"Oh what a beautiful morning..."

"...oh what a beautiful day...I have this fabulous feeling...everything is going my way..."

That's what I feel like...even though I am stressing out a little bit that the scroll that's due this Saturday isn't done yet! *eek*...and I haven't even started my homework!!!

I had an AWESOME weekend! The weather was gorgeous! I did wonderfuly ($ wise) and I had some great customers. Some were repeats from last year...that came looking for me *makes me feel all warm and gushy inside* and others were new, but so nice! I gave my information out to a few people...they want me to parties...(sweet 16's, wedding shower, etc). And I met some great people...I had a lovely conversation with Tiffany...and 5 year old girl that was just a doll! She told me all about her day...and how much she loved her henna tattoo and the bindi I gave her *g*

AND...I've been chatting with this guy that I met's a little eerie...he's a Sag too...and it's like talking to myself...but he answers back *g* It's a lot of fun...and we are having great conversation. I've only been talking to him on the phone 2 days and it's like I've known him forever! I'm not used to this...but I think I could. And he calls...and texts me cute messages =) It's nice *BIG CHEESE GRIN*

Life couldn't be better! *just need to crunch on the other stuff and I'll be ok*

Have a GREAT Day!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Procrastination is my middle!

I so don't feel like doing anything! Scrolls, homework, anything! This weather makes me want to lay in bed and do nothing!

Now...don't get me wrong...I had a busy productive day at work...AND I went to the gym! BUT now's I'm on the computer...IM-ing with friends...and not in the mood to work on anything! What is my problem!?!

So...I'm chatting online with Rhonni...and I've been mulling in my head for a while about painting my apartment...not the whole thing, but a wall here and there...with a lot of COLOR. So...this go me thinking about what colors where...and I was thinking maybe I could have a painting party in the spring. What do you think?

I've been living here for over 3 years...and I thought it was time I make a color committment...well you know I have committment issues, so this really shouldn't come to a surprise!


I loooooooooove me some Fridays!!!

I think today is a day of quotes...specifically from my fav radio station Z100 out of NYC. I love it when John Bell gives his Friday announcement (see title). And this morning, Carolina Burmudez said (in spanish then translated), "It is better to be alone, then in bad company".

hmmm...makes you think. I've gotta say that I had a wonderful conversation with Alaric on got me thinking about a lot of things. Things I need to mull over and come to some resolution about.

But back to reality...I feel accomplished today (not as much as I could, but not too bad). I left work yesterday...went to the gym It felt good and I need to DO IT more often. I'm actually planning to go again today *g* yeah me!

Then I went home...cleaned the kitchen, and started drafting my scrolls. I've got 2 and 1/2 drafted. Of course the one that's half done is the one that's due first *g* But I have a good idea of how things are working out...I sure wish I had a light box!

Now...on to school. This semester I'm taking 3 classes again! *ouch* And it looks like it's going to be ALOT of work *how do I get myself into these things?*

Anyway...I'm doing's Friday...and I'm just mentally planning my to do list...and case I forget anything (no matter where I am as long as I'm near a computer) I can keep track with it on iPriotize =)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Don't they make a lovely couple?

Travel page

A friend of mine from work turned me onto Virtual Tourist. You can see my page here.

It's pretty cool, and a good place to keep track of all the places you have photos and give tips to others travelling to that area. cape cod!

Here's a pic that Alaric took of me and Chuck...I NEED people to send me the links and/or pictures from the wedding! I am dying to see how everyone looked and I want to post a pic of both Gideon and Pandora! And the guys in their shirts =)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The girl's lineup





Jill & me (this is the best pic I have of myself from this wedding...I hope someone has some better pictures!)

"The Bride"

For some reason, I couldn't load this last's a picture of Danni showing off her malu...and her garter! Doesn't she look beautiful!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

"My Big Fat Cape Cod Wedding"

What a weekend it was a backyard the bride's aunt's house in Cape Cod. So I drover up to Providence, RI on Thursday right after work. I had dinner with some friends in Mystic, CT on my way up there (who couldn't make it to the wedding) then hung out and crashed at my aunt's house in RI. In the morning, I drove up to Brewster, MA...and started to help set up. The big top tent was set up the previous day, but we had to set up and decorate all the tables, chairs and decorate the tent. That was pretty much it for Friday...lights all glittery in the tent, set up all the DJ equipment and was pooped by 4pm! The girls went out to dinner that night...a small dinner with about 9 of us. It was fun...then back to the house...where she gave out thank you gifts. Danni's mom is a wonderful artist and hand painted us each a gorgeous box...mine was of a lotus blossom (my fav flower!)...and we had martinis until the wee hours of the morning...I slept like a log! I usually do when I've been drinking!

Saturday morning, up early to help prep stuff for cocktail hour and dinner...we worked from 8:30am until 11:30am...I was still cooking at 11:30am when someone said, "aren't you going to get dressed?" SHIT! Not enough time...I rush to wash up time for a shower! I throw on my dress...quickly do some makeup and we're processing down the hill...I feel like I'm going to fall in the heels down the grassy sandy hill! We finally get down to the bottom. Our dresses are cobalt blue...We're in the sun...while everyone else is in the shade...I'm sweating! The guys are passing around a bottle of scotch...then pass it down to the girls...I take a swig...bam! I'm feeling it...I haven't eaten all only gets better. Danni walks down the aisle with her dad...they get to the bottom of the hill and he hands her over to Tim. They say their vows...beautiful words to one another...then bam...they're married! We walk out as couples...take lots of pictures...then we're got to finish cooking! Jenness and I change clothes...(she changed clothes, I changed shoes) and we go down the hill. Drinks are placed in our hands...and we drink =) I can't tell you how many drinks or what kinds...but we drank from about noon until 10pm! We had a 92 pound roast pig (roasted on a spit) and 2 deep friend turkeys (I never got to have any!)...and all the food was gone! We cooked for (I only made noodles...I only helped a little with the rest) for 130 people! was a themed wedding...they had both been previously it was movie themed "Take Two" and they table "numbers" were movie titles (12 monkeys, Natural born killers, boondock saints, star wars, Table #9(from the wedding singer), and a few more I can't remember)...It was cool! The wedding favor was a "soundtrack" from the wedding...and the guys got to wear 50's bowling shirts with their names on the front and "Take Two, Danni and Tim, 9/9/06" was cool. The girls has to wear regular dresses, but the guys had fun with their was fun!

IT was some weekend! Alot of fun...good friends...dancing =) I need a few more days off to recover! I barely made it through the day today...I had a 2 hour meeting this morning and I fell asleep! No one noticed, but...I'm going to try to go to bed as soon as I finish my homework!


I remember when 9/11 happened...I was at work at 708 1st Avenue and we heard what was happening...we went to the roof of the building and watched in amazement. Then immediately got sent home because we were in the building (which no longer exists) next to the UN which was a possible next target.

Afterwards, I worked down there for 3 months...laying new duct work and rebuilding our electric system.

I've never forgotten, and today I remember and reflect...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm back!

The wedding was AWESOME!!! I will write more later...but I was just going through my email and had to share this:

How cool, huh =)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a beautiful day!!!!

I'm so excited today! I had a long weekend last week...a short week at work this week...and am about to embark on another long weekend...whoo hoo!! I'm all packed and ready to go...going to my parent's house later to pick up my car & GO! Last night I packed...which took me longer than I would have liked...I had to try on my dresses...yes, dresses. I bought one in Feb for the wedding, one that was very sheer and I've been looking for an underdress, but haven't been able to find I have a black mini skirt to possibly wear under than...but then I bought another dress that I could wear (but it's short...where the other one was long) so I have to wait until I get up there to decide.

It's suppose to be a lovely weekend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There are blue skies outside and the sun is shining so I'm optimistic!

I have some homework to do, so I'll try to bring that with me to get done...otherwise I have Monday & Tuesday...I have this particular class on Wednesdays...(I had class last night). I also have to start reading up on my other 2 classes (yup...3 classes again this semester!) Did I mention that I got an "A" on my summer course =)

I'll be offline this weekend...busy busy, but I'll update this on Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Today I leave you with some more pictures that Amanda sent's her 28th birthday today! Happy Birthday my friend...I love you and will visit soon!

Anthony & Christina on the beach this past summer.

Christina with her new baby brother Anthony! Aren't they cute!?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My friend Amanda sent me pics of her new baby boy! He's 5 weeks old now, but isn't he a cutie!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a weekend...

Why did it have to rain? NYRF was pretty much a wash! Saturday was rained out...high winds...we closed half day (when we should have never have opened!) and I lost power that night! *eek* I have never lost power before (my building has b/c I've seen the flashing clocks, but never there when it happened).

Anyway...Sunday was a nice day, but there were hardly any people on site! It was kinda hard too! On Sunday I was working at the Bridge location AND I was floating! Let me tell you! I should have had a pedometer on! I walked that entire site at least 6 stayed at my own location for a bit...I did ok...but I was pooped! Sunday night I went to bed at 9am! And got up at 7ish...I haven't had 10 hours sleep straight like that in MONTHS!

Monday...well...let's just say that it was something else. There were a TON of people! I personally didn't do much henna, but Crowe and Sylvan were pretty busy. Abby wasn't so I got a chance to hang out with her a little and I got to see Suzie!! She came for a visit, so I was able to chit chat with her a bit. I miss not seeing her all the time...we said to one another that we HAVE to make time to hang out after the season is over. She doesn't live that far away...and we have so much to catch up on...

Anyway...I had dinner with Abby last night...I didn't want to get on the road directly. Couple of weeks ago it took me over 2 hours to get home because of the bridge traffic! So we had a nice relaxing dinner to unwind...when I got on the road at ~ 9pm there was no traffic! It was great!

Anyway...back to work. It's not so bad this week though...I'm off Friday...Danni and Tim are getting married this weekend! So i'll be riding up to RI on Thursday night...staying with my aunt...and driving up to Cape Cod on Friday morning...Can't wait!!!!

Today I leave you with a picture from Pennsic of East Kingdom Court. My apprentice sister Caoilfhionn took the picture.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Get a slogan...

Go to this site & enter your name in the box & hit the Sloganize button. DON'T CHEAT, KEEP THE FIRST ONE THEY GIVE YOU. Add your slogan to the bottom of the list and repost.

Randall - "Cleans a Big, Big Randall For Less Than Half a Crown."
Julie - "Does You Does, or Does You Don't Take Julie?"
Debbie- "Debbie Just Feels Right."
Carson- "Get in My Carson"
Shanna- "A taste for Shanna"
Derek- "I'd rather have a bowl of Derek"
~Misty~It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Misty......HAHA!
Stephen- Melts in your Stephen, not in your hand.
Billy - " Because Billy can't drive "
George - "Can't Do It In Real Life? Do It On George."
Gina - "Once You Pop, You Can't Stop Gina." *g* wouldn't you like to know *g*

I also liked this one..."You're Never Alone with a Gina." *g*

Friday, September 01, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

...that the weather blows in another direction and I can make some mulah tomorrow...if not...let's hope the NYRF staff decides early that they aren't going to open so I can sleep in tomorrow *g*

Then I can start all the stuff I've been procratinating about *g*

Get this video and more at

Just wanted to share this HOT video with you *g*


The weekend is here and it's gonna be a long one!

The good new's the weekend.

The bad news is...I have to work at the Ren faire and it might RAIN all weekend! I hope not b/c I really need to make some money to take with me to Asia in December!

Anyhoo...I don't want to dwell on it...

I'm making good progress on what I want to do for the project and scrolls *yes scrolls* that are due in a couple of weeks!

Picture of the day...

This is my Laurel (Michel), me and Her Highness (Jana)...I miss Pennsic =)