Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Macaron Day 2013

Just so you know...Macaron Day 2013 is on March 20!


Just saying...


I am super excited to say that my yoga teacher training is finally complete! It's been a long 6 month journey, but it was a truly learning, growing and fulfilling experience. Now...we wait...I will find out whether I passed in 3-4 weeks and get my diploma in 2-3 months! ARGH...patience is not one of my virtues :)

So now what?

One of my classmates sent this yesterday! Great timing!!



So, I am trying to figure out when I can get to a class and I know that I need to recommit to having a home practice. I haven't done yoga at home in MONTHS!

I certainly plan on registering with Yoga Alliance...I just hope I am able to claim my CEU's from the Yoga Journal Conference in April! I signed up for the continuing education track...which had some great workshops that I hope will help me be a good teacher. I have a waiver that I made for a friend in the past, so I'm good with that. I just need to get insurance once I know I will start teaching.

Right now I am looking into this:


Since I feel like I didn't get enough practice teaching...I want to work on that. I plan on practice teaching with some of my peers and maybe on my friends to help build confidence and get the flow right.