Monday, March 21, 2011

Numerology - Does this sound like me?


You're primarily a person with strong 'people' type energy. You're devoted to giving generously to others, helping them in their various endeavors, spending time with those less fortunate than yourself or working in one of the many helping or healing professions. Because you are usually so benevolent and so flexible, you may well be a pushover for those with strong and urgent needs of their own. During your early years, although you may not be fully aware of it at the time, you may often be ill-treated by relatives and friends who take advantage of your giving nature. Much of your youth and young adulthood will probably be spent learning to take better care of yourself and your own needs.

Although there are other aspects to your character, these aspects are likely to exert considerably less influence than your 'people' type energy. If there are any strong differences between your 'people' type traits and the other aspects of your energy, the 'people' characteristics tend to be expressed.

Your potential for spiritual awareness may be a lesser aspect, but it may still be of considerable interest to you -- although many people with this energy aren't even aware of the special gift they possess. If you do choose to exercise this ability, you may be able to act as a conduit for special spiritual understanding. Your spiritual side may be relatively weak when you're young but may assume more importance in your life from your early thirties on.


Your 9 Life Path, 2 Expression And 9 Birthday

You have an innate love of your fellow man. You probably enjoy people as individuals and, at the same time, have a marked concern for humanity in general. You may involve yourself in philanthropic or humanitarian activities. One of your major lessons in life is to learn to give of yourself as selflessly as possible, without thought of reward or return. As you can well imagine, this is a difficult lesson to put into practice. Much of your effort may be spent in learning to balance your personal needs and ambitions, however large or small, against your inborn desire to contribute to those in need.

You are a very sensitive person with an extreme awareness of your own and others' feelings. Because you are so touched by the subtleties of everyone's emotions, you can understand a great deal from a word, a gesture or even an unspoken thought. Others will recognize this sensitivity and turn to you for the support and understanding you can provide. With this ability, you may choose to work with groups of people where your diplomatic approach and sensitivity can be of much help. Although you may become hurt or resentful in your younger years because of your unusual sensitivity, you will probably learn to use your responsiveness for your own and others' benefit.


Your 11 Expression

Your potential for spiritual awareness is present along with your other traits. This special energy isn't available to most people. Many, though, who have this potential aren't ever fully aware of it or, in many cases, become familiar with it only when they're in their thirties or older. If you choose to develop your spiritual side, this energy may play an important role in your life.

When you use your spiritual awareness, you probably intuitively perceive a great deal about the non-material world -- and religious, psychic or metaphysical forces. Other people will see your ability to act as a channel for these awarenesses. You may receive some recognition for your efforts when you transmit your unique knowledge and increased perception of the deepest truths to others. You may want to devote yourself to a career in which these spiritual forces play an important role.


I love making jewelry...and am having a blast!!!

I'm super excited about some upcoming workshops that I'm taking!

In addition to the 15 week Jewelry I class that I'm taking (for the third time - not that I don't "get" it, but I felt like I haven't learned all that I can learn from my fav teacher) at the 92Y, I also signed up to take 3 workshops at the Beadfest event on April 7-10 in King of Prussia, PA! I got an email today from one of the instructors on things to bring with me to class...I can't wait!!!

I'm looking forward to having fun taking these workshops, and then using this knowledge to enhance my current working many possibilities.

3 more weeks!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Procrastination... my middle name! It's not totally all my fault. I've been working crazy hours and on multiple projects! Not to mention that I'm kinda back in school...I'm in a Project Management course...17 the end I'll have a Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management from the University of Stony Brook. Of course, along with that, is homework, quizzes, a midterm, midterm project and final. At the end, there's a prep course for the PMP test.

Then there's the project that I just can't seem to start...I have the words done and the main idea for the project laid out, but I can't seem to put ink to paper!!! I'm hoping to use this as inspiration, but I'm just not motivated.

Then there's the problem that my mind goes a mile a minute and I can't seem to catch up at times...thinking about the homework that I need to do...all the books that I'm reading at one time...the two that stand out at the moment are "Jane Eyre" and "The Four Hour Work Week"...along with what am I going to make to go along with the salmon that I'm having for dinner and should I take this Samuri sword class?

Gosh! I'm pooped just thinking about my to do list! But I know...I've got to get off my rump and start somewhere, right?

Hope you'all are more productive than me out there!!!

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4 more days...

until I'm in Las Vegas =) It'll be cool as I'll be seeing friends that I haven't seen in forever and meeting ones for the first time. I'm super's always nice to get away and fun to have new adventures!!

Some things that I'm planning:
1) All you can eat buffet at Bellagio...OMG the best thing for a foodie!!!
2) time with friends...should be # 1, but I'm hungry at the moment, so they got bumped lol!
3) shopping!
4) enjoying the 70 degree weather by spending time at the pool and working on my tan! lol!

whoo hoo!!! Can't wait...I love me some vacation!!!

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