Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Excellent Yoga resources

I am finding that there are a number of incredible resources online for yoga and the sister sciences!




How cool are these?!!?

Sorry...I get excited sometimes!

YW YTT...almost done!

It's been an incredible journey over the last 6 months...but the end is almost near!  I started yoga teacher training (YTT) at Yogaworks (YW) in September 2012.  My final exam and practicum is next week!  3/2 and 3/3/13!  I can't belive the time has gone by so quickly! 

I'm a little nervous about it.  I'm a little more than half way through with my take home exam.  I' more nervous about my practicum than anything.  We did practice teaching last session and it is not nearly as easy as one would think.  There are so many things racing through your head that you want to say.  I guess I have to apply my presentation skills here...you are the SME of the day...and when you talk, students will listen, so take control of the room, be firm, yet encouranging and nurturing and the rest will come.

ok!  Easier said than done!

Yesterday was President's Day, so I was off from work, but I didn't lollygaggle around!  I was up at 7am.  I took my yoga trainer, Celine's, class at 9am.  Then I was lucky enough to be able to audit a Level 1/2 class by Jodie Rufty.  Then I took Jodie's level 2/3 class - my last class for my YTT requirements!  Later yesterday evening, I took aerial yoga at Riverstone Yoga in Tarrytown, NY.  Boy am I sore!  Did I mention the topic of this weekend's YTT was Core strength (we did a lot of arm balances)!

Alieve was my Savior this morning!

I've been thinking about it alot and I do want to teach.  I think my concentration will be retorative yoga...and maybe a Yin Yang class...half the class is a vinyasa flow and the remainder a restorative class.  Living in NYC, you are always ON...I think here more than anywhere restorative yoga is needed!

Stupid ridiculous!!!

ok...luxury is just that...a luxury that not everyone can have, but this is ridulous!


If someone wins the lotto, can you get this for me??  Oh did I mention that it costs about $100,000!