Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy ME =)

...well...tomorrow...but somehow I can't see myself remembering to write on here tomorrow, so I'm posting a little early.

First, I'll update you on what I've been up to...then fill you in on my upcoming plans =)

So, I went to that Yoga Immersion weekeend 11/45-11/16. was awesome and I throughly enjoyed myself (9 hours of yoga in 3 days), I learned about how I was doing things incorrectly for so long, and I know that the Teacher Training is NOT for me...right now. The teacher said that in order to get the most that you can out of the TT, you should:
a) have been practicing regularly for about 3 years (I'm only halfway there)
b) have a strong core (yeah...need to work on that)
c) have an understanding of the vocabulary (just makes it easier to follow along) - I totally need to work on my Sanskrit!!!

So...I'm glad I went through it, so I didn't waste the $$ now...I can work on things and then go later and it will be much more effective.

Printmaking - my class is going well...I've only got 3 more classes left!!! I can't believe that it's gone so fast. Right now I am working on linoleum. Once I get a chance to scan some things in, I'll post a few more pics. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Organization of the home - it has a way to go, but it is COMING along. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had a leak in my kitchen/bathroom a month ago...but my super needs to come fix it soon...and in that process, I'm thinking about renovating my kitchen/bathroom...and maybe painting. I need a facelift...and with the'll just give the place a new look. Since I'm probably not moving anywhere anytime soon...I might as well update it. birthday is tomorrow...I'm not doing much besides having dinner with my family...but Friday I am throwing myself a party. Part A is with family and a few friends...and Part B is drinks/dancing at a lounge. I can't wait!!!!!!

I don't feel any different...but then again...30 is the new 20 =) And I have accomplished what I set forth for myself as far as goals are concerned...
1) I own my home and car
2) I have my MBA
3) I have a good job...been there 8 years and aren't going anywhere...

all in all...I'm doing I just need to find my soul mate, and I'd be good to go =P

Wish me luck!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Printmaking...and more

As you all know...I can't sit still and have to always be working on something. So now that I'm done with school...and I can take more classes!

Right now I am enrolled in a printmaking class at SVA (School of Visual Arts). Here are some things I am working on now:

Drypoint and Chine-Colle


AND, next week I am taking a yoga immersion class (3 days) through YogaWorks!

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