Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sweet indulgence...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi everyone...

I haven't been on for a while...for quite a few I'm going to try to sum up the past 2 weeks.

11/6 - book bus ticket to Maryland to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my Grandfather and Aunt Joyce (step-grandmother)
11/7 - my grandfather has a stint put in...kept in the hospital overnight.
11/8 - he's realeased from the hospital
11/9 - J and L come over to spend a girl's weekend with me...
11/10 - 5+ hours of IKEA fun, needle felting, eating, drinking and having a grand time =)
11/11 - Aunt Joyce passes away suddenly...thanks to L&J for being with me...and helping me take my mind off things by putting together all my IKEA furniture.
11/14 - Statistics test #2 due (many long nights of trying to finish this)
11/15 - leave for Florida after work...being with my grandfather
11/16 - memorial service...I don't think I ever cried this much in one sitting
11/18 - back home in NY
11/20 - bake TONS of stuff for Thanksgiving and the weekend
11/21 - work 24 hours...gas explosion in Astoria, Queens

11/22 - Thanksgiving dinner with family after 4 hours sleep...AWESOME engagement party that evening for a co-worker
11/23 - take bus to MD...have dinner with family & friends
11/24-11/25 - spend time with grandpa...then back home to NY
11/26 - at work for 15 hours working on gas investigation...up until 2am working on homework

11/27 - my birthday...and what will I be doing...sitting at home working on homework b/c Statistics test #3 is due tomorrow!

Sucks to be me...I know...ah well...I'll celebrate later...

12/5 - Statistics Test #4 due and Stategic Management test due
12/11 - 20+ page paper due...

I'll be VERY HAPPY after 12/11!
Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Recharged? Revitalized? Re-something....

I feel strangely well...meaning I feel great (!) despite the nasty weather, and the fact that I've get a test to get done, and a long laundry list of things to do...but I feel really good.

Now, knowing me...I have to know *WHY* I feel the way I do, I mean, Lord knows I can't simply accept it...I've got to analyze the sh*t out of is what I came up with:
1) I've slept more than 8 hours 2 consecutive days in a row.
2) I worked out Sunday morning, and Monday evening...and I'm debating on going tonight...(it's been over 2 months since I set foot in the gym!)
3) I got a note in the mail was a thank you note for a scroll that I did at Pennsic...with a $50 gift card attached!!!! Yikes!!! I didn't know what to say...I was *gasp* speechless for a few totally made my day!
4) I think I am just getting to slow down a bit and back to my "normal" schedule...getting in touch with friends that I haven't seen/spoken to in months...and it's been nice...
5) Prioritizing what I need to do and attacking each one separately and completely. *This has been a life saver* and it's something I know, but consciously forget...freak out...*then* I remember and then it's ok. Just gotta keep this in mind in the beginning to minimize the freak out sessions!

Anyway, hope everyone is well.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


I feel like I am just waking up from a daze...but it's a trick and I'm wading deeper and deeper into the mist. work...and if I've been talking to you recently, you know what I'm talking about. But besides all that...
1) the Union continues to allow SFB to rant and rave and tell "us" (aka management) that we don't direct the workforce and how dare you take this course of action (I can already see myself sitting in on a grievance).
2) My VP put me on a special assignment that is VERY time consuming and it's getting more involved with every passing moment...I am trying to reach out to others for assistance and darn them, they delete their emails without reading them! (Can you tell I LOVE "read receipt"?) So after having a meeting with her today, I am forming a group to help me with this undertaking.
3) School still sucks...I had a conference call with my professor today...he was unsympathetic...spoke to me and my study partner Andrea like we were morons and just couldn't understand why we didn't understand the drivel he was feeding us! At least he is giving a 4th test and will drop the lowest grade. ALL I need to do now is ace the next 3 tests and I'll be fine (yeah...cake...yeah...sure!)
4) The other class is eh...little to no interaction with the professor...I love paying someone $3500 while they sit back and I teach myself!
5) sleep...something I need more of...but wait...I can't...I have to do HOMEWORK! yup...dum dummy still gives hw every week and grades it...I love the "C" I have in this class right...especially since I need a "B" for it to count!
6) I need to clean my house...I am having guests next week and I'm living in a pig sty! Where can I sign up for a maid? Oh wait...I need to play Lotto first! Darn...I knew that was too easy!
7) I think I may be losing my mind...but that's ok...I think I might get a chance to get-away. I was a little bummed that I wasn't going to get to visit my grandfather in Florida this year...I'm out of vacation days...but then he called me yesterday to say that he was going to be in Maryland for Thanksgiving...could I go visit him there? So I was planning on going to L's for the scribal day, but I think I am going to pass and go down there for the weekend...11/23-11/25. It'd be nice to see him.

Anyway...that's it for now...

*puts on goggles and wades back into the mist*

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