Tuesday, April 28, 2009

one of my favorite bands

I know...today's postings have been all over the place, but that's kind of what my thought processes have been today. Right now I wanted to share with you one of my favorite bands:

Beats Antique

They have a cool website and just came out with their second album.

Check it out!


Carribean cruise

So...I'm going on vacation in July with my family and we are going to...

I am so excited because I've only been to one of these places so far and was looking to go to new places.

I've promised myself that I will go to one new place every year: regardless if it's domestic or international, until I've visited every place that I've ever wanted to go...which is a lot...so I have a long journey ahead of me =)

So excited!!!!

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I want to make this!!!

zippered pouch

Isn't it cute?


another blog link...

I found another cool blog link to cool crafty things =) I can't wait to go home and make something from scrap fabric I have laying around!!!!

Crafty blog link



great blog: tee-shirt yarn!!!

Have a bunch of tee-shirts that you're going to throw/give away? Don't know what to do with them??

Make tee-shirt yarn!!!! Then you can crochet/knit trivets, potholders, rugs, or tote bags!!!!

Tee-shirt yarn tutorial

I was just going through stuff and was going to give it away to good will…now I'm thinking about doing this to make some stuff for around the house.

Hope you enjoy (she's got some other great tutorials as well).