Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Isn't this cool!



of course...

...more PADME pics...here.

She's gorgeous...and I'm so happy =)

Life is good!

Life is short...be happy =)

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a weekend...

...and it's not over...YET!

Friday...stuck late at work =( Had dinner with the 'rents and went home.

Saturday - went to Amanda's house...had a great time...very chill and relax...she's only 20 min away...it was nice to see the kids...the last time I saw her was September!

Pics here...

Sunday - my friend George picked me up and took me to our friend Rob's house. Rob's family has a BBQ every Memorial Day Sunday....and we celebrate Tim's Birhtday (which is today)...it was so nice to see people that I haven't seen in a long time...Russ (Oct), Rob (Sept?), Brendan, Christine and the kids ??, and Sci-Fi (John) (at least 5 years!). It was very cool!

Pics here...

Today, I am chillin', catching up on my homework and waiting for my sweetie to get here...he's coming from War of the Roses and there's a TON of traffic =(

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Padme pics...

...more uploaded here.

she's getting so big...it's so COOL!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What an awesome weekend!!!

...well not the getting there and coming back home part!

I was delayed getting there...and almost 4 hours delayed getting back this morning! UGH! I don't believe I will be using JetBlue anytime in the near future!

Anyway...I want to be the first to congratulate Keith and Kellie on their engagement!!!!

More pics of my entire buffalonean experience here.

I was so happy I could be there and share that with them...and Keith's 30th birthday of course =)

Happy Birthday! (today is his actual birthday) *waves*

And of course the food was divine!!! All the food from the party on Saturday, plus breakfast Sunday (crossiant french toast), Duff's medium wings and Coldstone Creamery for dinner (cake batter ice cream with heath bar, peanut butter cups and caramel)...

Anyway...I loved it! And the animals were great too...Brooklyn (your friendly three legged pitbull, Fester (fluffy orange kitty that KILLED my allergies) and ?? (why can't I remember the name of the other cat?)...except for the whole allergic part!

ok...back to work...just wanted to share!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Eat, drink and be merry!

First off....HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! TGIF =)

Next...even though he doesn't do any online journals or blogs...I want to wish my little brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy 25th Shao-Kong! You're now a quarter century old =P

Anyway...I'm glad the weekend is here...it's been a long week...and a great weekend coming up...

Off to Buffalo this weekend...never been there so that should be fun...

Then back next week...for another busy week...and a 3 day weekend! yeah!!

Last night, dinner was really nice...I had paella...yummy! Sangria...even better =) gotta love the food stuffs!

On another note, Padme is doing wonderful...and I got her a new home! Can't wait until she blooms!

There are also a few more pics on my multiply site =)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

more Padme pics...

She's growing so big =)


ooh...I've updated my karmic henna blog...

And Abby's blog...

check it out =) I have a few more things to add to each, but they have been recently updated...


Thank you...have a nice day.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Everything is as it should be...

I've come to the realization that one needs to accept things as they come to them.

Sorry to be so cryptic...but I'm still new at this...this whole relationship thing. You know I'm used to being with someone who loves to ignore me...except when you convieniently are talking to someone new. Case in point, "C" called me twice yesterday and left me a voicemail to call him after I haven't spoken to him in how many months!

AND...I have a man in my life that wants to be with ME. Imagine that! It feels...so good...and I am trying not to hope too much, but I feel really good about it and just want to take it and run!

So...that brings me to my next statement...I have a boyfriend.


And...many of you know him...



Laura...keep your mitts to yourself!!!

So the question now is...do I throw this up into cyberspace for all to see?

DAMN SKIPPY!!! I'm not going to give sorid details of things...but you are my friends and love and appreciate you so I think you need to know what's going on in my life...

...and if you don't want to know...BITE ME =) *steps off soapbox*

...Now back to your regularly scheduled program...

...yeah...I know you love me =P

Anyway...I had an awesome weekend...hung out at Forest Folk Walk this weekend in CT with Jaji...helped out in his Snack Shack...had a nice chill relaxed weekend!

Yeah me =)

ooh...and my lotus is growing beautifully...you can check the progress here:

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Friday, May 11, 2007

How crazy...

it's growing so fast!

I've started a photo journal for Padme...yup...I named my lotus...

...you can check her out here. Check back often because I'll just be adding more and more pics there...instead of boring you here =P

I know...I'm a dork, but if you know me...you already knew that!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's getting bigger!!

I'm such a dork =P

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's blooming!!!

I came home yesterday from work...and I found my lotus blossom bud starting to peek out of the water (when I got it from J on Sunday it was completely submerged!!)


I'm so psyched!!! How cool is that!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

School...never ends...

Just so you know...I'm not online at all very much because all this week I'm going to be in training...sitting at a desk listening to 8 hours of LECTURE! And I'm going to be in school for the next 6 days! Keep your fingers crossed that I can stay awake...or at least not nod off and fall off my chair =P

AND my laptop isn't working at home! *gasp* I haven't even finished paying for it yet! I've gotta find DELL's # and call taoday/tomorrow!!!

I'm on break and I've got to run back already!

BUT...Last night I had an awesome conversation with Khatifie (aka Khavi) and we had some quality drum chat! Plus she made me this AWESOME CD! It's really cool! AND I practiced the songs I knew plus learned a few new ones!!!

Now about the weekend...

*reposted from my LJ b/c I'm too lazy to retype stuff*

BUT...I just wanted to day that I had an AWESOME weekend =)

Friday I made dinner for J which I think liked...I know that some if my Silverhorde friends enjoyed it b/c I brought the leftovers to fighter practice yesterday...the rest J took home =)

Saturday I had a lovely day doing henna in Long Island! I was recruited by a customer of mine from NYRF...and I am acutally doing her friend's daughter's bridal shower in a month! It was a blast and I have a few pics that I've got to upload when I get a chance...

Pics are here: http://ginacallender.multiply.com/photos/album/36

Sunday...J got to my house early (like 9am) and (BTW he brought me a lotus flower bud! Hopefully it will bloom!!) and we drove down to Spring Caravan to see Jenness, Dizzy and Miriam belly dance. They were awesome! We all went out to lunch...I bought ANOTHER drum =) Khavi (Khatifie) made me an awesome CD that I have to go home and practice to...and then we went to the Silverhorde fighter practice in Staten Island where we saw...Jackie, Luigi, Puppy, Mendee, Gary , Mike (yup he's still alive), Wolfie, Lada and her man, Rebecca, and some new friends, Tracy & her hubby and daughter, Tony & family, Lily and hubby, Karen & her man...it was pretty cool I hadn't seen a bunch of them since...well...Pennsic!

Pics are here: http://ginacallender.multiply.com/photos/album/37

Anyway...I've gotta go back to class. Hope everyone had an equally awesome weekend =)

Friday, May 04, 2007


Hi all!

TGIF! It's a gorgeous day! And from what I'm hearing it will be like this through next week!

Yesterday I went into the city for Kim's farwell party at Les Halles! It was really nice to see all the people that I used to work with and salute her for FINALLY getting out (she's been there for over 4 years)...when I got there she was trying to leave and I left afer 16 months...and that was over a year ago! So you do the math!

Anyway, she's finally done with the area...and ready to move onto a new department (I believe somewhere in Engineering =))...

...but let me tell you about the food!

I had the specials (I had another plan in mind, but when the waitress described the specials I changed all my selections!)

For the starter, I had the gumbo tiger prawn grilled with an olive salsa and a side of watercress. Boy was this yummy! It was described as...these guys hang out with the lobsters =P

For my main course, I had the lamb shank with mashed potatoes, asparagus in a fabu brown gravy! YUMMY! This was tender and too tasty to not share (well my neighbors Kim and Jack had a taste!)

This was, of course, accompanied by a couple of glasses of Malbec...umm...semi-dry red...quite tasty!

For dessert, which I opted out, I had a cappucino...which was really yummy!

I was stuffed! I really needed the 14 block walk back to my car after that!
Weekend Plans...

Tonight...dinner at my house...I'm having J over...should be interesting...never cooked for him before...I hope he likes it =)

Saturday...henna at a church fair...check out my Karmic Henna blog for details.

Sunday...off to Spring Caravan in NJ to see Jenness & Dizzy perform...then to Staten Island for fighter practice.

Busy busy weekend ahead!

I hope everyone enjoys theirs =)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...I like the sound of that. My friend Veronica just called me and grilled me on a bunch of stuff...to then let the cat out of the bag.

WHEN she gets pregnant and has another child...she wants me to be the godmother! Godmommy Gina =)

How cool is that =)