Monday, April 30, 2007

Bike Polo...

How cool is this?

Not something you see everyday, huh?

Some of the really cool stuff I saw yesterday while on my date =)

I had a really nice time and I look forward to the next time...*g*

Friday, April 27, 2007

Visual DNA...

whoo hoo...

the weekend is almost here!

It's almost 2pm and I am SO READY to go home...

coming up: to NJ to hang out with the girls...
Saturday...more hanging out...hopefully a drum lesson or two...then back home...
Sunday...walking and talking in Chinatown...wish me luck *g*

Have a great weekend =)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hump day...

It's Wednesday...the past few days have been GORGEOUS! It's such a wonderful change from the past 2 weeks...I try and get out when I can. I actually just came back from the store...I walked about 1.5 miles each way...and on the way back I had a gallon of water...alternating bicep curls as I'm walking down the street =)

Anyhoo...I had my VP meeting this morning which went quite well...only 1.5 hours unlike the normal 3!

ooh...these are the shoes I'm wearing today!

well...mine aren't brown...they're black patent leather...they're really cool! The're the ones I got in Fluerida! Remember ladies =)

Anyway...back to work...hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, April 23, 2007

What a weekend!

What a gorgeous weekend! I had such a great was realy nice!

Friday I went to Laura's house...Jenness and Joe came...and I met some new monkey's...Ceci and Lily! We had a fun relaxing evening in...

Saturday we went to Balfar's Challenge...the weather was just perfect and it was a nice laid back event. I met Laura's friend Khavi again...and she gave me a drum lesson...I had a blast...I can still hear it...doub doub tek ka tek, doub tek ka tek, tek ka...baladi =) We had fun with our monkeys...

More pictures can be seen here.

Sunday...I went over to Jackie's house (luckily I never got called in) and sewed all day. I made some dresses and other surprises (to be revealed later) =)

All in all it was a lovely weekend...

AND...someone gave me their phone was cute...haven't had that happen since high school!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New posts...

@ Abby's blog...

my scribal blog...

and my Karmic Henna blog...

I had a free moment so...

Enjoy =)


I'm pooped...and so glad to be done with classes for this semester! I finished up my Statistics Final late last night and I just emailed it to my Professor!

Yeah me =)

On another note, I am so tired it's not even funny. All this crazy, rainy weather has resulted in a Storm Emergency in Westchester County. So...that means that my department has been sending people up there all week (thereby stripping my own department of bodies). Everyone is tired and we can't wait until it's over. Of course it rained last night!

Ah thing at a time...keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't have to work this weekend and I can make it up to Balfar's...

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a way to do it....

The happy couple...

My cousin Jeffrey got married yesterday...a beautiful day, which is such a godsend, compared to the lovely weather we had today! He got married on a boat that cruised around Mahnattan Island. We left Weehawken, NJ and I took a ton of pictures...many of which you can see here.

Since then, I have split my time between my Statistics project (got a little extension) and trying to work on my final (due Thursday)...and RELAXING! It's been quite nice =)

Aunt Joyce and Lisa as we whiz past the Statue of Liberty

My cousin Susan (on the left) with her partner Ami =)

me and my dad =)

On another note, I got a call from Clodagh yesterday saying that she had a wonderful time at Coronation! And that all the scribes that did scrolls for the Signet's office got a Queens's Honor of Distinction (QHD) cool is that! AND Clodagh and I tied for 3rd most scrolls completed (11 each)...Sarra the Lymner was 2nd with 15 scrolls and Katherine Stanhope with 18 scrolls! Whoa...I didn't even realized I did that many!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Monday!

Hey there...not something I usually say, but I had a very lovely weekend. Well...I didn't do ANY HOMEWORK...which I now have to get on because I only have 2 days to finish it and email it in...BUT I had a relaxing and creatively productive weekend!

Friday after work...I went to Clodagh's spend the evening with her daughter Jacquie! What a fun time we had! (Laura - you've raised a lovely woman! She was a pleasure to hang out with and I hope to again some day =)) We spent the evening making jewelry...and watching movies! On Friday, I saw the tail end of "Take the Lead", "The Covenant" and "Rent". On Saturday, I watched "Take the Lead" from the beginning and "Honey". What cool movies...I can't believe I never saw any of them before!

For jewelry, I made 2 necklaces (one with Jacquie's help), 3 bracelets and 4 of which I am wearing right now =)

So here they are...

You can see all the pictures here.

I love this necklace...

I designed it and Jacquie put it together for me...the middle turquoise bead was one of the ones I made =)

I made these 2 for my friends...the first one is for Laura (4 petaled flower of her device) and the other for Jacquie for helping me...and she liked those beads. It might be hard to tell, but they are hald purple and half teal...they look really cool!)

These were the pendants that I made...I'm wearing the one with the face on the bottom...all the main glass beads were the ones I made...with a couple of weeks ago...or from 2005.

I had such a nice time...thanks =)

Saturday afternoon I got back to my house...cleaned a little...packed for my conference this week (Wed-Fri) in Washington DC...and the wedding next Saturday, and for work this week and next week. Then went to my parent's hosue Saturday night. I proceeded to watch TV and relax (novel word for me) and had a nice time. I went to church with my parents Sunday morning...which was nice. It had been a while...and I actually saw someone that I met at a conference 6 years ago! Small world! And relaxed, hung out for a little bit with Valerie (next door to my parents) and had dinner...went to bed early...and was up this morning early...was at work at 6:15am! I was here before Pat!

Hope you'll have a great day =) and had a lovely holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

my other glass beads...

I just found the ones that I made back in 2005 with Leigh Ann! There were 2 others that I broke...but I kept them to make frit (can be used for decoration when pulverized).

la da dee da daaaaa...........

I'm feeling good...again...went home my book for a little, made a cup of tea...rubbed my chest down with Vicks...and watched "The Forgotten" (great movie btw) and fell asleep early...woke up BEFORE my alarm this morning...maybe 4:40am...showered, made tea, got to work at 6:20am this morning...and I'm still feeling good =)

My chest and head aren't heavy...the phlem is loose and coming out...I'm in the home stretch as far as the crappy feeling is concerned.

I just got an email from my law professor saying I got an "A" on my law brief =) Happy happy about that...I'm hoping for 2 "A"'s this semester!

Other than that...things are good...a little quite, but that's ok. I'm busy working on my projects/papers...and a bit of free momements to read a chapter or 2 in a novel.

I just got an email from my friend Amanda...her baby Anthony is 8 months! Isn't he a cutie...

Here's Christina playing with baby Anthony =)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WHOO HOO!!!!!!


This is completely different from where I was 10 minutes ago!

I'm I don't know if it's regular cold...or allergies. BUT my head feels really nose is constantly running...and therefore sore. And I just don't feel good...I was to crawl up in a ball and go to sleep underneath the covers!

THEN I was super stressed out because I thought my Statistics Project was due tomorrow...and it's no where near being done! SO....I was about to call my professor when he emailed the final (Due on 4/19) and it stated that the project was due on 4/12...NOT 4/5 (tomorrow)!!!! I am so HAPPY I started singing and dancing in my office...everyone is looking at me like I've got 3 heads!

I'm so relieved! I've still got the law project due I can put my attention to that...AND not feel guilty about going to sleep early tonight!

Yeah for me =)
*doing the happy dance*

Here's a pic that Tish emailed the wedding there was a disposible camera on each table...this is a pic that SOMEONE? took while I was dancing...not sure which song...

Monday, April 02, 2007

I got tickets!!!

To see Miss Lily Allen in concert!!!

Wednesday, May 30 at 7pm at Roseland Ballroom!!!!

I'm so psyched!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'm an official GLASS BEAD ADDICT!

The addiction started about 2 years ago when I first made a few with my friend Leigh Anne...and it just got rekindled this weekend. I went up to Wishford Hall on Saturday with was so much fun! Dresden & Brian, Jana & Lucan & Cat, Frigga & Luna, Avelina, Baroness Speth, and so many others were there...

First, we made precious metal clay (PMC) jewelry...which is way more work than I thought it was going to was fun to make my lotus...but I don't think I'll go through that all over again! First we took the clay (7g) and shaped it into whatever we wanted...I made a lotus pendant...and swirl pendant (which I'm not very happy with)...then we let it dry...set in an oven on LOW...after about 2 hours...Avelina put it on a propane fired kiln...and it fired at 1350 degrees for 10 minutes. Then you drop it in water...and then you fish it is the hard part...we had to use a file and file it down to a flat surface...then used dental tape (basically sandpaper) then there were 2 sizes of steel wool...000 and 0000. Once it was all shiny, we had the option of polishing the pieces.

These are my pieces:

Next...(and in between some of the above stages) I made a multitude of glass beads. Basically, you take a rod (previous dipped in bead released) and place molten glass on it. The process is as follows:
1) Put on safety glass.
2) Place the glass rods (colors) that you are going to be using in front of you.
3) Turn on the torch (either manually with a lighter or use an auto-start propane torch).
4) Take the first color glass rod in your right hand and slowly bring it back and forth into the flame...once it starts to glow orange you can rotate it in your fingers and keep it in the flame.
5) Take a bead rod in the left hand and place it in the flame...rotating it in your fingers.
6) Once the bead rod is glowing orange and so is the glass...slowly drag the molten glass over the bead rod while twisting it in your fingers.
7) You can mix colors on just use one...
8) Twist the bead until it's the shape you want it to can twist it until its can use a block to flatten it out, or roll it on various surfaces to get ridges or bumps.
9) To add dots, take a contrasting color in your right hand and heat it up until the end glows orange...then touch it to the surface of the warm bead.
10) You can use a sharp pointed object to drag through the dots to get different effects

Only your imagination is your limit!

Here are my beads:

I made an EYEBALL, and the blue one on the left has some glow in the dark knock off "Galaxy bead", the one in the top right hand corner was the first one I made that day =)

Another view:

I made these two for Clodagh, since the one bead she made disappeared!

It was SO MUCH FUN! I wanna make a ton more beads =)