Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be a Solar Champion!!!!

Hi guys,

I typically don’t solicit for things, but in this case a friend is trying to produce an independent film on solar power. So it’s a creative endeavor supporting the environment…how could I not support it! They have a kickstarter project that ends today at 10:58pm EST, so far they have raised $10,812 against a goal of $15,000. The project won’t get funded if they can’t raise their goal of $15,000…that’s less than $5000 in 11 hours!!!

Take a look and please consider helping…even if it’s $5. Thanks for your time.


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Solstice in Times Square

Yesterday nearly 3000 people got together in times square in NYC and did a sunset yoga class (7-8:30pm). The yogi that lead this class was Dana Flynn of Laughing lotus yoga...she was amazing!

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