Thursday, March 27, 2008

MS Walk 4/19/08

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that I am walking in the MS Walk on 4/19/08. Please consider helping me support the cause by either making a donation or walking with me!

Thanks for your consideration!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What will be will be...aka. "Let it go"

So yesterday I was in my yoga class, and my teacher came a huff. Now this woman is the most serene, calm, yoga-like people you will ever meet. And it was just very suprising to see her like this. She says...I came to yoga today because I want to be here, but please forgive me if I'm a little off. My father died today and I just found out I came into a lot of money. I'm only human.

Now the surprising thing is that she was a little "off", but no so much that it was so noticible that it was negative...just a little different. She went on to say that she was enstranged with her father...and he was a Howard Hugh type...she never expected this and the $ was going to her children. She did say that she would have rathered had her father than the $.

Anyway, she went on to tell the class that life is short and to cherish every moment you have with those you love. If you are enstranged, WORK IT OUT.

Class ended with the teacher in tears...and people going up to her and hugging her. I felt a little akward at first...I can't group hug with people I don't know. But as I was leaving, I told her thank you for being here...and that I wa sorry...she reached out to me...and said thank you for being here...and we hugged. It felt good that I could lend that little bit of comfort to her. She is a lovely lady and I'm sorry she is going through this. I don't know how I would be if I lost either of my parents.

That really set the tone for the class, which is funny since I was just examining my relationship with G and all the stress that I've allowed to build up between all of that and school...and I know that I have to "LET IT GO", but it is always easier said than done...and I am trying my best...but it is hard. I did leave yoga class that day in a very good mood. Then I went home, made dinner, worked on some homework and went to bed by 9pm. Since I haven't been sleeping well the past few was very refreshing.

And I need so much more of that...that I am planning on leaving here in a few minutes to go to yoga class tonight.

This makes me think more and more about my long-term goal of becoming a yoga teacher. I am thinking that I have to go to a Kirapu workshop sometime in the fall after faire season...then work it out from there.

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