Monday, July 31, 2006

Day 8...

...with no sign of letting up! I was dragging this morning...and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. It looks like we will be keeping up with this schedule until at least Friday...

Wish me luck...and well wishes that I don't murder anyone =)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Still here...

Still working is still pouring in...

still can't motivate to start the term paper that's due in a few days...

I'm going...

Any advice?

Day 7...

Yesterday I was here for over 14 hours...I'm dead tired, but I'm here.

...this is what the situation is in a nutshell!

(cartoon by Bill Day & I found it here)

Looking at the weather forcast, it's suppose to hit high 90's on Tuesday and Wednesday! I sure hope people are listening (we've told them to conserve energy) so we don't have a repeat of this past few weeks! Otherwise, it might end up looking like this...

(cartoon by John Sherrffius & I found it here)

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Here's a nice picture taken of me in Detroit, Michigan this past April. This was taken at the awards gala that Friday night at the conference.

I was cleaning out my emails (you know when you have so many emails in your mailbox that you can't send any new email?). =)

Until later...the morning actually went by pretty quickly...

Day 6...

So here I am...Day 6 at work...crazy system wide emergencies...working around the clock and I am on duty this weekend...7AM to 7PM Saturday AND Sunday! I was suppose to go visit my grandfather in Maryland this weekend, but got stuck working. I'm a little bummed because I was looking forward to seeing him. He turned 80 years old last week...and I had his gifts in the car...and he and Aunt Joyce were going to take me to a wine tasting on Saturday. In any case, I'll see him next weekend. My cousin, Sean, is getting married next weekend in Plattsburg, NY (near the border of Canada). I'm driving up there with my parents...I told my boss that under no condition can I work next weekend. Someone else will have to fill in.

I'm also freaking a little because I have a 20+ page term paper due in a week! And I haven't even started it yet! Of course, working late every night isn't helping me either.

Anyway, I don't want to be a downer, so in case there are other people out there also working today, I hope this puts a smile on your least for a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This just in...

My friend and published author Marcia Colette just emailed me this pic:

We're in the right hand side in the middle of the page...I'm drinking coffee...Jana is peeking out from under her hat...hiding from the scorching sun...and Jaye is adjusting the brim of his hat. We make a great trio!

I met her at RT 2005 in Daytona Beach, Florida in May! I went with my friends Jaye and Jana and had a great time!

Cool, huh =)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Being sick isn't for pus...ah...the weak of heart!

So I just wanted to recap from the past few days and the weekend.

As you are probably aware, parts of Queens and Westchester are out of electrical service (I work for the local utility and can't publicly say more than this), but I've been working long hours to help correct the issues. In any case, I was told that I had to work 7pm to 7am Friday into Saturday...and then 7am to 7pm Sunday. Now I had plans to go to Rhode Island for the weekend. My friends were giving our friend a surprise bridal shower (as the bridesmaids) and we've had this planned for months. Now a day before I have to go, this is sprung on me. But, you must understand, I can't be upset, I've only bought $500+ worth of stuff...which is sitting in my car and not even going to be able to be there...but can't let system wide emergencies interrupt my personal life. So I cancel going with my friend...and I'll just work...THEN miraculously the powers that be say that I don't have to work that night (it's 4pm Friday) but I have to work Sunday. I work as fast as I can to finish up what I need to...and get on the road to RI by 9pm.

I get a call at 10:00pm that I don't have to be in on Sunday, but I'll be on call.

I get there in one piece (made it in 2 1/2 hours) and meet up with Jenness and Tina...wrap all the gifts and crash. Then we get up early in the morning and head to Jill's house...set up the party...fixing up the food...and it rains...stuff is blowing away...bread is getting wet...did I mention that I've been sick the past few days and can't smell or taste ANYTHING? I can't taste alcohol...Jenness who is a chef puts down a magnificant spread and I can't eat any of it!

Danni finally gets there! She comes in the BACK WAY! She is happy and pleased with it all...but has KNOWN for the past few weeks because one of Tim's cousins tells her!!! We are both relieved that we don't have to hide it anymore with being pissed at her cousin! But we have a great time, play lots of games, open her beautiful's lovely.

I call in to check to see if I still don't have to go in...they say YEAH...I can enjoy, but wait...I'm SICK!

I had both a wonderful weekend and a sucky weekend...just depends on what perspective.

So things are still crazy at work...and for that I want to take a deep breath and not think about it for 1 min...

relax...and watch this.


I just had to post this separately.

One of my fav authors got publicly slammed...but it was so out of control that I had to post it here.

Can you believe it!?!! Anyone who has met MJ knows that...if you can't take a joke...get out of the kitchen!! I mean...give me a break!

ok...I'll post later to recap the weekend...I just had to give a shout out here to my girl MJ. Keep doing what you're doing and fuck those bastards!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Winter can't come soon enough for me...

I can't wait until it snows again! I have many trips planned for the upcoming snowboarding season.

Here's a picture I found from Windham 12/05...I'm on the left and Kim is on the right.

Leave me feedback!

In an attempt to keep in touch with ALL of my friends (grammar school, high school, college, Ren faire, SCA, work - past departments, extra-cirricular activities and, of course I can't forget, FAMILY) I made this blog.

Please leave me some feedback...give me your thoughts, ideas, or just holla back!


Thunder on Thursday

Have you seen the weather outside? It dark and cool...I LOVE it! Such a wonderful change from the tropical weather we've been having lately.

It's been an exciting week...between all the incidents at work (record high electric load the past few days) which have been causing faults and fires...I've been at work late pretty much all week. And I'm happy to say, when I wasn't at work...I was at the gym! I've been trying to go 2-3 times a week...and so far so good =)

I hope everyone's week has been going well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I had a lovely weekend! Did you?

This weekend was extremely fun!

On Friday, I met up with Jenness and we went shopping in the City. We started downtown in SoHo and walked to Chinatown, where we had dumplings. Then north into the East Village. I came upon a wonderful spice market! What a wonderful find as we found rare and yummy spices at LOW prices! I went back to NJ with Jenness that night.

Saturday morning, Laura and Heather came from CT and PA respectively. We first had to go bathing suit shopping as Laura forgot her suit at home. Then we went to a spa and got a Raspberry Lemonade Pedicure and a manicure. It was divine! The parafin made your feet so soft and it was very relaxing! Then we headed out to do a bit of shopping...Dress Barn, Old Navy, A.C. Moore, and TJ Max. We got gifts for Danni for her bridal shower coming up soon...and I got some gifts for my grandfather. His 80th Birthday is next week and I am going down to MD the end of the month to go visit him (he and Aunt Joyce are visiting from Florida).
Then we went to Jenness' parent's house for dinner and soaked in the hot tub =) What a relaxing end to our day!

Sunday, we all relaxed and Laura drove me home. It was a wonderful weekend!

Oh...and here's a new picture of Isabel that Liz sent me this morning! Isn't she a doll! I can't wait to visit them next year...

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm a geek!



I finally finished that scroll that I was working on...I'm trying to not wait until the last minute again! I just couldn't motivate earlier to start it...

I'm still reading "Fistful of Charms"'s awesome...I just need TIME to finish reading it...I've been so busy...

Wednesday...I finished the scroll...and I actually spoke with Al and caught up with her...and she hooked me on Lottso!

Thursday...I went to the TADA theather and saw a mini show with my intern and the Arts & Business Council Summer Internship was actually really good. Then on my way home, I did a little J. Crew, Banana Republic and Whole Foods =)

Today...I woke up a bit late =P Got to work...and it's non-stop. I'm on my way out into the field...I can't wait for later as I'll be hanging out with my apprentice sisters this weekend in NJ...going to the spa...pool and jaquzzi...I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday...not quite Friday, but at least it's not Monday!

Hi everyone,'m really trying to stay on topic! goes...updates from the past couple of weeks!

June 30th - drove up to Saugerties, NY to hang out with my friend Cheryl (we went Manhattan College together) and her family! I heard this great band "Big Boss Sausage" and had a great time!

July 1st (part 1) - woke up when Hal showed up (Cheryl's step father that lives in Brazil) and it was so good to see him (it's been 2 or 3 years). I got to catch up and speak with Cheryl, her sister Amy, Amy's husband Chris, Cheryl's mom and stepdad - Carol and Bob ( I think Bob is husband # 3 or #4), Cheryl's cousin John, Bree, Bree's husband and so many others that I haven't seen in ages! It was very cool...I helped prep some food then I went to my friend Jenness' party at her mom's house in NJ.

July 1st (part 2) - What fun! I got to see Jenness, Joe, Laura (Clodagh), Aly, Edana, Cullyn, Adam, Meredith, Fygen, Devoss, Max and (middle son that just came back from Egypt), Rene, Bengali, Rory, Tom and Merriam (sp?), Turi, Robin and a host of cool peeps! I had a great time...hanging in the pool...eating a roast pig! We did miss our friends Pandora and Gideon who were up in RI who couldn't make it! And all of our other peeps in RI!!! I missed Lucan, Cat and Jana (who's my fav writing/reading buddy and has a new blog, Michel, Fiona (I know MA, but near RI), Alaric (MA again, but in New England), etc.

July 3-7 - was a regular work week. I actually didn't physically DO ANYTHING on July 4th as I had a midterm due that Friday. So I stayed home all day and studied! Aren't ya proud of me =)
Oh yeah...I started going back to the gym...I'm trying for 2-3 times a week. On Monday, I did cardio and weights and on Wednesday I did some yoga...

July 8th - Went to the gym & took a cardio kickboxing class...I know I just started back up again and I think that I overdid it...45 min in I thought I was going to DIE! it was too much too soon. I will def go back, but only after I've built up some endurance. Then I spent the day with my friend Liz (she was my roommate at Manahttan College and she moved to Portland, Oregon last year, got engaged in June and just had a baby in April). I hadn't seen her since I was there last March... we had fun catching up and playing with Isabel (now 3 months).

July 9th - I went cycling with my co-worker and one of his friends. I had fun and we did 12.5 miles! BUT my arms, shoulders and back hurt from the forward leaning thing and my crotch hurts from the uncomfortable seat! Now I know why they were wearing those padded shorts! I will def try again...maybe when I visit Grandpa Billy and Aunt Joyce in MD I will go riding with Lisa and Rob.

That's all for now...more later...

Have a great week!