Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So much to catch up on...

Hmm...a recap of last week...then the weekend...not to mention that I still have to upload all the pictures that I took at Keith and Kellie's wedding in Buffalo 4th of July weekend!

I spent half the week out of the office last week since I am a notetaker for the management audit interviews we are going through right now. So...it was interesting because I learned a lot, but it was hectic and tiring. In between that, I had 2 site visits for the intern program:

1) Wednesday - Brooklyn Arts Council...then a visit to the Smack Mellon Gallery where I took this picture:

We got to see some really cool pieces and had some commentary by the curator!

2) Friday - Bronx Museum of Art...we had a cool visit there followed by First Fridays...where I heard this awesome band play:

That was a really busy weekend and I didn't even get to rest over the weekend, because I was super busy then too!

Saturday - I went into the city, went to the volunteer meeting for the YogaMonth 9.2008 event, then I went to 5 out of 6 of my assigned yoga studios...went to a cool yoga class, then went to a benefit concert...Rebuilding the Bridge: Sichuan Earthquake Charity event...where starts like Nas, Miss Info (Minya Ph) of Hot 97, Andrew Choi, Beau Sia, J-Lim, Plant B-Boy, Ryan Leslie, DJ Cipha Sounds (just to name a few) were there....AWESOME!!!! You can go to my My Space or Facebook page to check out the 4 videos I took there!

Sunday - I spent at Jackie's house working on a scroll I have due at Pennsic! Got the outline 2/3 done and NOW I'm thinking about changing the design...WHY ME???

So far this week...yoga yesterday...

Doctor's appointment in 1 hour...then? a beer...LOL!

Coming soon...pics from K&K's wedding in Buffalo. I promise!

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Yoga Month - 9/08

So, everyone knows that I regularly practice yoga and I subscribe to yogajournal (paper and electronic). I saw an ad today for yogamonth.org. It sounds really cool and I just signed up to be a volunteer!

So...if yoga is your thing, you should attend...or volunteer.

See you there =)

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4th of July

AWESOME weekend! I was in Buffalo for Keith and Kellie's wedding...and had a ton of fun there and with the children of Baboo =)

This is a place marker for all the pics and stories that I'll share once I get a chance to download everything!

Keep posted.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008


I took my first samba class yesterday. WOW...was that a workout. I was a little guilty for skipping yoga, but after the class I wasn't! We had a full half hour of warm up...using quite a few yoga poses...then had 1.25 hour of samba class with live music! It was awesome! I took the class at the Alvin Ailey Extension.

My summer intern for the ABC summer internship program works at Alvin Ailey...so it was nice to see their building on 55th and 9th ave and take a class. Lindsey arranged for a BOGO class offer...so I have one month to take the other class! It's very cool =) I'm not sure if I want to take another samba class...or some other class. Just for your FYI, here's the website of my samba teacher, Quenia Ribeiro.

ok...I'm off to Buffalo for the weekend. Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

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