Monday, January 28, 2008

Tag! You're it!

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more pics posted...

hi all...

I got a chance to post a few more pics (like 300), but I've got another 300 or so to post. Please be patient with me...coming back to work after 3 weeks and I'm still trying to catch up.

My cousin Shelley's wedding:

Thailand Day 2:

(still have 2 more days in Thailand to post!)

Happy Monday everyone...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to reality

So I was in Asia for about 18 days and had an amazing time! I saw gorgeous temples, ate amazing food, rode on an elephant through the jungle, visited with family...I had a really great time.

I was in the Philippines from Jan 4 - Jan 9...then I was in Thailand...from Jan 9 - Jan 16...then back to the Philippines from Jan 16 - Jan 21.

I attended 2 of my cousins weddings...
Emily & Engel - 1/6/08
Shelley & George - 1/19/08

I have a TON of pictures that I am still uploading...check my website:

I'll be uploading them check back soon.

Now...back to work!

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Heath Ledger dead?

What a tragic loss...

Farewell Sir William Thatcher!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tigers and elephants and crocodiles!!!! Oh my!!!

(this was taken at the Reclining Buddha Temple - Wat Po)


Thailand is GORGEOUS!!!! I can't believe now lovely it is here. I have taken tons of pics, but it takes a LONG time to download and I'm paying by the minute here, so I'll prob wait until I get back to the Philippines to download ALL of my pics.

Anyway...I saw some impressive temples, tigers, elephants (I rode one!) and crocodiles...and SHOPPING...this has to be the shopping mecca of the world!

Anyway...I've to to run...check daily for pics here:

me riding an elephant!!!!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

checking in...

hi all,
Just thought I'd drop in a say a quick hello. I am currently in Thailand. I got here this afternoon...and tried to acquaint myself with the area...did a little shopping and lucked out and got a battery charger for my digital camera (for 700 baht...roughly $35!!!) So I am so happy about that b/c I was going to be totally bummed if I couldn't take tons of pics while I was here in Thailand.

I got my first Thai massage (OUCH!) they use elbows, knees, and feet...I feel good now, but there we times when it really was uncomfortable...luckily it was only $6 USD...tomorrow I will try the "swedish oil massage" I think it's about $8 USD...and the woman is trying to get me to get a facial...maybe.

Anyhoo...tomorrow I will be touring temples...and Friday...the floating market, an elephant farm, and the rose garden.

I can't wait =)

Hope everyone is doing well...I'm sweltering in this humidity!

Catch up with you'll later!


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Monday, January 07, 2008

Greetings from the Philippines!!!

Right now I'm visiting with family in the Philippines! I'm visiting with my cousin Ajoy, her children and my Auntie Rizalina!

I'll be back home in NY until 1/22.

Here are some pictures from my cousin Emily's wedding:

Emily's wedding

On Wednesday, I am leaving my uncle's house and going to Thailand for a week! I am planning on going on a couple of temple tours, seeing the Palace, the National Museum, the floating market, do some yoga and get some massages!!!! I can't wait.

Tomorrow I am going to my cousins' Gordon, Joey, June, Keesha, Nancy's house...and Joey's bringing me to the the airport early Wed morning.

On another note, here is a pic of me and my man =) from New Year's Eve. If you search around my multiply site, you'll find more.

Take care & be well!