Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gosh...I love vacation!

So...this is coming to you from Negril, Jamaica!!! Where I am chilling with my cousin Melissa (Happy Birthday CUZ!) and enjoying the sun and 80 degree weather! Yesterday we laid by the pool ALL DAY! Drinking, eating and enjoying the view on the cliff side of the town.

Today we have spa appointments at 5pm and dinner reservations in the fancy restaurant at 8pm. I can hardly wait!!!


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

f-ing hysterical!

So...I've been crazy busy at work all day in meetings and what not...and I try to send an email...and my inbox is full! ARGH! So, I'm sitting here...going through emails...some I file, some I delete, and some I *finally* have gotten around to reading...

Here's a blog that my friend Laura sent me a link to...OMG...sooooooo our speed! And here was the follow up post...amazing! I think I like the bloggess...I'll have to check in once in a while and see how Copernicus is doing!

Enjoy ;)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

new favorite recipe blog

I came across this recipe as I was looking for things to make for Christmas dinner.

The Smitten Kitchen is a fabulous resource for anyone looking for a new dish to try! I saw a few recipes that I want to try!

Can't wait...I'll let you know how they go!!!

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Have your ever heard of a pop up gallery?

I just learned about this today:
New Museum Fellow Opens Pop-Up Gallery-Invitation to 12/6 Opening
My name is Naomi Huth and I recently started a pop-up gallery. The opening reception for the next exhibition is on December 6th one block from the Brooklyn Museum (845 Classon Ave: 2,3,4 trains to Eastern Pkwy-Brooklyn Museum). I thought that this might be a nice opportunity for people still in NYC to come out and meet other people from this list and also I would love the support. The information is all listed below but the quick rundown is 6 previously vacant storefront windows filled with candy themed artwork (painting, sculpture, photography).
Naomi Huth

On view from December 6th 2011 through January 3rd 2012, Where Am I gallery takes over a full block of store front windows on Classon Avenue in Prospect Heights, only one block away from the Brooklyn Museum. Food Lust: Shock Candy features works from Craig Kanarick, Claire Lieberman, Martha Rich, and Matt Schwartz. The exhibition will transform six store front windows in the Heart of Brooklyn into an artistic candy land. Bright colors and delicious looking contemporary art will change the nature of window shopping, just in time to offer an interesting contrast to the regular holiday displays.

Food Lust: Shock Candy will have displays of sculptures made of Jell-O, photography of mouthwatering desserts, paintings on vintage recipe books, and Polaroids that will tease your taste buds. Join us on December 6th for an opening reception at 845 Classon Avenue from 6 – 9 pm to discover art that embodies the phrase “look but don’t eat.”

Where Am I is a new pop-up gallery, created by Naomi Huth, that curates exhibitions centralized around a general theme to create an all-encompassing visual experience. As a temporary gallery, Where Am I has no home location, instead occupying the temporarily vacant spaces in New York City, stimulating a new desire for the space and the location. Where Am I uses the art of local New York artists to transform abandoned spaces, and curate public programs and performances that relate to the theme of the exhibition.

Opening Reception: December 6, 2011, 6 – 9 pm
845 Classon Ave (2,3,4 trains to Eastern Pkwy-Brooklyn Museum)
On view through January 3, 2012
Facebook invite: www.facebook.com/events/278545825515579

So I did a little more research and learned this.

I know of a few spaces in Westchester and I emailed Arts Westchester today to see if they know anything about this and/or if they participate in any.


Monday, December 05, 2011

Food for thought

...but no time to say everything now.

One thing that I wanted to say was I was listening to the radio last week and hear 5 things that people who were dying or thought they were going to die...things they would change.

1) Live life tru to you (the life you want), rather than what other's expect of you.
2) Don't work so hard (won't let life pass you by)
3) Have the courage to express your feelings
4) Stay in touch with friends
5) I wish I would let myself be happier

Good words to live by.